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Unique Handmade Jewelry

Our jade jewelry and aquamarine jewelry inspire and protect the wearer. Our birthstone jewelry provides strength and power to those born in a given month. And our gifts for special occasions are perfect for those who wish to give something inspired, unique and custom made to a special receipient. Welcome to Wishgiving. We create unique yoga jewelry, birthstone, Buddhist and Zen jewelry along with custom malas and handmade jewelry for men and women. 

Unique bracelets, malas, rings, pendants and earrings await you. Browse our catalogue of handmade jewelry, select your favorite piece and show-off your eclectic and exceptional tastes to the world in style. 

Birthstone Jewelry

Wishgiving birthstone jewelry is handmade using gems from around the world.  Each piece is designed in Los Angeles and created to celebrate the special time of the recipients birth. 


Men's Jewelry

The collection of men's jewelry found on Wishgiving features wearable men's fashion that compliments men's style while fostering strength and prosperity for the wearer. 


Jade Jewelry

The unique jade jewelry featured on Wishgiving is handmade in beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Wishgiving jade is selected from sustainable mines that do not exploit labor. 



Malas and prayer beads by Wishgiving are worn as yoga bracelets and by those who practice mediation. Every mala is handmade with Tibetan and Buddhist beads & unique woods.