About Wishgiving

From the very beginning, we started with a simple motivation: "Let's create beauty and blessings." This thought inspired all of our actions in our quest to design and handcraft jewelry with good wishes. Wishgiving is a platform for us to collaborate with non-profit organizations doing charitable work, and with the wearers of our jewelry. We hope to share some beauty, and deliver blessings to the wearer, as well the greater community.

For us, one of the most meaningful aspects of designing jewelry is the act of giving. The spirit behind this giving is a quality we hope to encourage and aid with the studio's creations. With each collection, we donate to causes doing work we admire. These causes include environmental protection, protecting children, promoting world peace, and the arts. We hope this helps continue the flow of positive intentions after your purchase.

Each piece is designed with both the gift-giver and the recipient in mind, hoping to help strengthen and nurture the relationship with a thoughtful token. The pieces are always meaningful -- talismans meant to carry sentiment from one to another. With her designs, she communicates many positive feelings that need to be expressed between the gift-bearer and recipient, husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son, friend and friend, and many other important relationships.

Every piece is handcrafted in the USA in limited edition runs to ensure the quality and integrity of the jewelry. We believe that mass-produced, machine made pieces lose the human quality that's essential in jewelry and gift-giving.