Choosing Men’s Beaded Bracelets: 5 Tips and Tricks

Selecting the right beaded bracelet can really add to an outfit. For many men, jewelry is uncharted territory, so they’re hesitant when it comes to wearing anything decorative. We’ve seen so many men accessorize successfully, using the following tips:

  1. Stay true to your personal style
  2. Use correct sizing
  3. Mix textures for interest
  4. Wear beaded bracelets with natural materials
  5. Find your intention

1. Stay true to your personal style

The most important thing to make accessorizing with beaded bracelets look natural, is to stay true to your personal style. If you’re always wearing bold colors, and are usually risk-taking, find colors and styles that work with your current outfits.

Accessorizing is all about you, and how you express yourself.

For men who are just starting out with wearing jewelry, and are just a bit wary, we usually recommend that you start easy —

  • Search for pieces in neutral colors
  • Select beads in smaller sizes

Search for mens beaded bracelets in neutral colors

For the newly-initiated men’s jewelry wearer, pieces in neutral tones can be your best friends, or your gateway jewelry.

What are neutrals? Anything black, white, beige, gray, brown. Basically, anything that you can match easily.

Some suggestions include bracelets made with wood, or gemstones like black onyx, pyrite, quartzlabradoritehematite and bronzite. Neutral-colored beaded bracelets are easier to match with almost anything in your closet, and can be more low-key.

Select beads in smaller sizes

Another easy way to start wearing men’s beaded bracelets is to search for bracelets with smaller beads. Smaller sized beads can be more subtle. Also, you can start playing with different, or bolder colors when you’re wearing bracelets with smaller beads.

2. Use correct sizing

One important aspect of finding a great men’s beaded bracelet is the fit. Thankfully, fitting a bracelet is much less complicated than fitting a suit. Follow these simple steps to figure out your wrist size:

  1. Print out this convenient printable ruler
  2. Wrap the ruler around the wrist you’re looking to accessorize
  3. Note the size. If you don’t like tight bracelets, allow yourself some wiggle room.
  4. Look at the product description for the size chart, and select the best size that corresponds to your wrist size.

Much like having a tailored fit for a suit, having a tailored fit for your wrist size really makes the bracelet look natural and seamless on your wrist.


(image source: Culture Map)


3. Mix textures for interest

Accessorizing should be fun. Get creative with your look by mixing up textures. The best part? This automatically adds interest to your wrist.

Stack bracelets of varying textures together. For example, pair wood beaded bracelets with gemstones, and or leather pieces.

4. Use Natural Elements

Natural elements like wood, leather, neutral gemstones give off a more rugged and raw look. They’ll make the bracelet seem natural and far from feminine. For men who are afraid that jewelry will make them seem less manly, natural elements add a unique yet rugged touch to the piece. We recommend pieces from our Grounded Series, and Neutral Series.

5. Find Your Intention

Last, but probably the most important, is to search for your intention. Style is an important factor, but many gemstones and symbols also symbolize various blessings.