“Of Great Scope” Zen Series

There is something to be said about large things — sometimes more is more. In our ever-growing collection of gemstones (all personally chosen by our designer for their quality and purity), we’ve amassed a nice selection of larger gems. In large gems you find a larger canvass for the beauty of nature’s designs. In labradorite jewelry, you can see how the stormy grays and blues come together, often in a stunning iridescence:



In our “Of Great Scope” Zen Series, we’ve selected a handful of our larger gems to feature in beautiful mala bracelets. Not only does this create an attractive style statement, it also has some metaphysical gemstone┬ábenefits. Larger gemstones have more mass, and thus have greater capacity for metaphysical healing.

As each gem contains more opportunity for blessings, we’ve taken that as an indication to embrace this greater scope. Our “Of Great Scope Zen Series” features larger-sized gems to remind the wearer of living life in greater scope.

Reach for the stars.
Live generously and kindly.
Be of great scope.

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