Mala Bracelets: What are they, and how to choose the perfect one

Mala Bracelets: Helping you stay centered

Our unique mala bracelets are handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA with the utmost quality and care. Our team at Wishgiving is inspired by the tradition of buddhist beads and its significance in one’s daily practice. We noticed that our spiritual beads help us maintain awareness, and remind us to stay centered in our daily lives. Each mala has its unique intention (prosperity, luck, protection, love, etc.) to remind and inspire.

The meaning of mala bracelets: why do people wear them, and what do they mean?

Mala bracelets are inspired by the tradition of prayer beads, which were convenient tools to keep count of the times one recites a specific mantra, or prostrations. Traditionally, you will see bodhi seeds or rudraksha seeds used in malas. As tools for working with the mind, practitioners began using gemstones, precious metals and other materials to promote positive energy.

Today, mala bracelets are still being used for reciting mantras. Modern spiritualists are also reinterpreting this beautiful practice of using prayer beads. In addition to the positive energies and inspiration, the mala bracelet has since become somewhat of a unique style statement.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Mala Bracelet for You:

  1. The Intention
  2. Quality and Origins of the Gemstones and Materials
  3. Your gut feeling
  4. Style

1. The Intention

Unlike jewelry worn specifically for aesthetic purposes, mala bracelets have the unique distinction of being worn for a higher meaning. When looking for the perfect piece, ask yourself:

What do you wish for? 

No, really. We don’t live fairy tale lives, but each and every one of us has dreams and goals. The first step is to meditate deeply on this question, and ask yourself what you truly want. For some it may be to find love, for others it may be awakening creative inspirations, or to improve one’s luck.

2. Quality and Origins of Gemstones and Materials

One thing we stress over and over at Wishgiving is the quality and the origins of our materials. We are concerned with the food we put in our bodies, favoring organic and fair-trade when possible. The same goes for the jewelry and gemstones you wear.

For centuries, people have been using gemstones to enhance positive energy. However, we don’t realize that there are factors influencing the energies of the gemstones:

  • Quality
  • Origin


In most cases, the quality of the gemstone influences the energy levels of the stone. Higher grade gemstones emit stronger positive energies, while lower grade gemstones emit weaker energies. Because the goal is to enhance our personal energies, the obvious concern is to find mala bracelets created with high quality gemstones.

PRO TIP: Often, you’ll find mala bracelets made with “real gemstones” for very cheap prices. Be sure to contact the seller to ask about the grade and quality of the gemstones. Keep in mind, however, that lower grade gemstones often cost less. Many times, we’ve seen that gemstones that are labeled as “genuine” are actually fake (created with glass, plastic or other man-made materials).

At Wishgiving, we use our combined decades of experience and knowledge of gemstones to source fine, high-quality gemstones to use in our creations. We understand the importance of using higher grade gemstones in these spiritually inspired pieces, so we never compromise on the quality of our raw materials.


A lesser known factor in determining the energetic value of a piece of jewelry is the origin of the gemstones used in that piece. In our experience of working with gemstones, we’ve found that the origin of the gem significantly influences the energy of the stone.

For example, if your gemstone bracelet was created with amethysts from a mine that abused child labor, the amethyst would pick up the negative exploitative energies of that environment. On the other hand, if your bracelet was created with gemstones that came from an eco-friendly mine that used fair-trade practices, your bracelet would benefit from the positive energies of the gemstone’s origin.

PRO TIP: Before committing to a  purchase, contact the seller to ask about the origin of the gemstone. If the seller has no idea, this would be a red flag.

At Wishgiving, we work with reliable and ethical suppliers of gemstones and raw materials. Not only are we super concerned with how the origins affect the energies of our raw materials, we’re also committed to sustainability.

3. Your Gut Feeling

You didn’t read this incorrectly. Aside from the other factors we list, we often encourage our customers to go with their gut to select a mala. When our intentions are pure, often, what we’re drawn to, is something we need in our lives.

When you’re selecting from a wide variety of options, usually, there are specific pieces that really call out to you. Sometimes it’s hard  to say why we’re drawn to a specific piece. We often think that this is a sign that the universe is looking out for us,  saying “hey, this is what you need right now.”

4. Style

Another important consideration is the style of the bracelet. Aside from all of the other considerations (quality, origin, intention), you must feel comfortable wearing that piece.

If the piece doesn’t fit your style, you’ll find that you won’t wear it. After spending time searching for a great mala bracelet, it would be a shame if you couldn’t benefit from the piece.

Consider your wardrobe, colors you frequently wear and your overall style. If you’re more of a minimalist person, we wouldn’t suggest purchasing something over-the-top. On the flip side, if you think more is more, don’t mute your style by picking something you’d find boring to wear.

Need Help?

We’re happy to help you find the perfect mala bracelet. Contact us with any questions or concerns.


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